Monday, August 22, 2005

Car Hole? I think not....and garage progress

The ubiquitous Moe Syzlak once condemned Homer Simpson for using the word garage. Moe found term "car hole" a bit more to his blue-collar liking. During the planning of my garage, I have been trying to figure out how I can get a car to fit in there with all the tools, parts, and most importantly, motorcycles. I currently own three and two can be started and driven without much trouble. The other is a just basket away from a basket case. Barn fresh we like to call 'em. This puts me at a 2:3 ratio. Pretty good for a Mengel. The only one with a better ratio is my cousin and he only has one bike. He's just not trying. Anyhow, people keep saying to me how nice it will be to have a place to park the car in the winter. I just smile and say "Yeah, ...the car". I like the term car-hole but it won't exactly be a place for a car, unless it's hailing. As far as names go, I'll stick to garagemobile for now.
There are myriad projects spining around in my head for what I can do in the garage. Mostly I am resisting temtation to rip apart my 550 Honda. I have the urge to turn it into a cafe racer. My bike is very close to completely original, and it runs pretty good so I should just leave it alone. Of course it's ugly and needs a few things,, just leave it alone.
The cool green bike here is also a 550 Honda built by a guy named Danger. Seriously. Check out the CB750cafe link over there for more of those and the story of that one. There are plenty of bikes around to turn into cafe racers. Actually, I would love to pick up a CB350 four and build a little cafe racer. Let me know if you have one for sale that runs with a title. ;)
I made some substantiall progress on the garage in the last few days. The walls are, more or less, square and I will have a new over head door installed by the end of the week. Lots of new lumber, pretty concrete, I cut myself with a razor knife, jabbed a staple into my finger, and ran a splinter under my thumbnail. Good times.

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