Friday, August 12, 2005

I can't keep quiet any longer

There is alot of talk about blogs lately. Mostly about people who use their blog to express thier political beliefs. My blog wont be like that. It's none of your fucking buisness what I believe. Left wing, right wing......I'll take a big ass plate of both, covered in Frank's. Dont get me wrong, if someone wants to say they are this or that or compain about the Pres. or Extoll the virtues of the Pres., well that's fine, really. This is a free country so rock on. There is too much division in this country and it stems from everyone wanting to be this or that. They are all fucking sheep. A bunch of lemmings who are driving us all off the cliff. Think for yourselves, morons. When the Pres. does something you dont like, it's o.k to not like it. You can type it into your blog. It doesnt make you a Democrat. If you own a gun, it doesn't make you a Republican. Screaming "I'm a hard core (democrat/republican)!" makes you a sheep. I'm going to leave this topic right here. If you see a link to something on here and it's political take it or leave it. Make up your own mind.

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