Monday, August 15, 2005

Positively Positive

O.K. no more of those crappy bitch posts. Well, for now, anyway. If you want negativity cruise on over to one of the relatives blogs. Here, or here. As you can see I changed the look of the old blog here. Looks better, no? I'll keep a postin on the H.M.S. garagemobile until she's done. I replaced the header above the garage door on Sat. The old one had seen better days. I went to Menard's to get a new door that was on sale but they were out of stock. I got a rain check which was apropos because when I got home it rained all freakin day. No biggie, I got to work inside because I have a garage now! The front of the building is kind of out of square so I have to pull it back into shape like I did with the side. I didnt want to do that with the sixty year old crappy lumber that was there. I can put in the new door with piece of mind that it (the door and the wall) won't come crashing down on me. That would be bad. Oh, I bought a book on turning a plain old car hole into the ultimate garage. It's called, oddly enough, The Ultimate Garage Handbook. It goes along nicely with the other book I have; How To Set Up Your Motorcycle Workshop. The Ultimate Garage fills in the gaps that the Motorcycle Workshop book left out and is definitely aimed at car guys. If anyone is reading this and has more airfilters than dress clothes, check out the books. You will find something of use in there. I finished off the last of the birthday cake from the weekend so I'm gonna go bust ass now. That sounded rude. What I meant is go outside and work hard on the garage project.

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Blatz said...

Now that is a low f-ing blow. Someone with a name like Surley dissing someone else for being negative is oh lets say, an oxymoron. But I mean that in the most positive way.