Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A picture of nectar

The whole reason to own a garage is to have a place to work on, gawk at, and talk about motorcycles. I've been doing lot's of garage stuff but it occurred to me that I have no motorcycle photos. So I figured the best one to start with is one of the prettiest. The 1958 (ish) Ducati 200 Elite. Enjoy.


Blatz said...

What the heck is all that FCPG nonsense about?

Surly said...

There are automatic programs that seek out email addresses and the like where companies can interject their advertising or collect addresses to send spam etc....
Apparently they can also post comments to my blog. I could piss and moan about how unethical and stupid that is but again, it was sent by a computer. Fuckers.

Grumpyunk said...

Yeessssssss Precioussssssss. We wants it.
/Gollum off

The Eyetalians do make the prettiest motorcycles and that's a fine example of it.

Glad you're getting the Garagemobile into shape.