Sunday, October 16, 2005

First we moved the garage, now I can move the stuff

First-I'd like to say the chopper in the last post is not mine. I was trying to get the pics to work and it was the first pic I grabbed. Just a cool bike, sorry if the title of the post was misleading.
If you click on the pic it links to the site it came from.
Well, it was a productive weekend with the minor exception of the three or four hours on Saturday where I almost quit my job and burned the friggin building to the ground. I had a plan that I was to execute Friday night. I was going to clean the floor Friday night so I could put down the sealer on Sat. morning. Plans change. My Crazy Uncle , on the last leg of his motorcycle epic, stopped by so I was glad to stop and chat. It was great seeing you Grumpyunk!
Plan moves to Sat. morning. I get up bright and shiny Sat. morning. While getting ready to head out to the garage, the wifey says she's leaving for an hour or two and has some stuff for me to do and I'm watching the boy. O.k. plan moves to 11:30. I get my stuff, go out to the garage, start cleaning the floor. Cell phone rings, I dont recognize the number-
"Hey, whatcha doin?"
"Who is this?"
"It's So and So from work"
"Oh, shit"
"I couldnt find your cell number"
"There's a good reason for that"
"I need you to come in and look at this job that's screwed up"
Right about now I'm starting to look like the thermometer in the old cartoons. You know the one where the alcohol rises to the top and then explodes? That was me.
Fast forward four hours. I come back home and shut off my cell phone. Maybe forever. I go back in the garage and start scrubbing the floor.
Things are back on track now. My wife is awesome-her and the neighbor called me in the house and gave me a shiny new galvanized garbage can, a broom, dustpan, and the cool shopcoat I've been wanting for an early birthday present. She new I was pissed and wanted to calm me down. It worked, thanks guys I really appreciate it.
I got the floor cleaned and it was dry by morning. Sunday was a beautiful day, I got the floor sealed, the apron sealed, the front sidewalk sealed, the trim new painted, and the garage door seals put on. The sealer is all dry too, so now I can really move all my crap in. 'Bout fuckin time.
Tomorrow is my birthday and I still have to deal with the screwed up job at work.
Cue the circus music.

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Grumpyunk said...

Yep, what motorcycle trip would be complete w/o a stop by "The Garagemobile"?

Shit, I can envision barns painted w/ "See The Garagemobile" along Hwy 50 or some shit.

"See Rock City and the Garagemobile!"

"See 1 state from the Garagemobile!"

Hell yeah. I wish I could've been there for the move. This whole project is just way to cool.