Thursday, October 13, 2005

She's mine all mine

The inspector came today and inspected. I have permission to occupy the Garagemobile. I've still got a boatload of work to do, but occupy I will. So now, for my next trick, I will clean the floor and put down some sealer and then I can move all my crap in. When I get rollin on the whole movin in thing I'll post some pics. I made new trim for the overhead door, I put in a window in the back that I dig out of the trash. That was a sweet deal, two new, old windows. I will put the other window in before winter hits. I started building a workbench because of course this will be the place where things are created, not a place to park the car. The workbench will be cool, I'm using the I-beams that made up the frame we used to lift the Garagemobile. I'm going to build a motorcycle lift, also. Not some fancy steel, hydraulic thing that you put your FXLMNOP Harley on but a nifty homebrew plywood thingy. If your back hurts working on the bike sitting on the floor check out the plans here.
On another note-I did score some parts from the flea market for the trash chopper. I got a banana seat, sissy bar, and some sundry other doo-dads. The bike probably warrants it's own post so I'll give it a little write-up later. No pictures tonight-I cant get the damn thing to work.

Update_I added a random picture of a chopper because I can.


Lucky said...

Shoot dude, I thought you were talking about the chopper being yours all yours.

That link to the bike stand plans is pretty righteous.

Surly said...

After I posted the picture I thought it might be misleading.
Sorry. No choppers here.