Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's official- a new project.

I started the mockup of my newest bicycle project. I swapped the old man for a set of apes and pulled the headlight off the mommy bike and with a few friends from the parts buckets--voila! The first picture is sort of the look I'm going for. It's an Electra. I've never ridden one or actually laid eyes on an actual nuts and bolts bike, but they look cool as hell. The bottom pic is what it looks like now. I think it needs a name. "The chopper bike" really doesn't do it justice. I'm not really going to "chop" it per se, so something more appropriate is in order. Since I pulled it out of the trash I'm thinking of something with trash in the name. I'm open to suggestions.
Can you see it? Whitewall tires, flat black with some pinstripes..... The 3-speed shifter works, but the chain is junk. All the chrome is rusted so there is alot of sanding and blasting needed. So far I have no cash invested, so I've got that going for me. I'm going to check out the flea market this weekend and see if I can score a banana seat. This kind of stuff is a sickness with me. I cant get away from it. Cool.


Blatz said...

How about the Recyclefreecycle.

Grumpyunk said...