Monday, October 31, 2005

I'll bet he didn't think he'd be on the internet.....

T.S. Elliot wrote that April is the cruelest month. Well he didnt have a friend who put pictures of him in a dress on the internet. I absolutely love Halloween. Now of course there are pictures of me in a dress from a past Halloween so I may put that up to be fair. Yeah, right. A bunch of drunk adults can sit around a fire and eat chili and drink beer when its 50 degrees dressed like, morons. I love it. Don't get sick on all the candy. Enjoy some Halloween links-
Cryplogic - cool art from Brian Baugh
1313 magazine - all kinds of kool stuff
Something a-go-go - you'll just have to check this out
Silly Monster toys - cool monster toys from days gone by
Sideshow Monkey - more cool scary artwork

1 comment:

J-BOB said...

If you would have given me a chance to powder my nose, it might have made for a better pic. Yeah sure.