Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ever feel like you're being buried alive?

Yeah, I get that alot. That happens when your'e the ADD poster child and have more projects than time or money. I'm not complaining, mind you. Things aren't relly bad and I could always just let that stuff sit. That being said, now that "big fat men dressed like women" day-um I mean Halloween-is over the realization that winter will be upon me soon is hitting me hard. The garagemobile is less than air-tight, you see. You can actually see through the crappy siding in spots. I've started to wrap the inside with plastic and I will then insulate. I need to decide weather I'm going to put in the new garbage-picked winder I have. Of course, there is no electricity or heat in there either. There is also a minor water issue I need to address. I have been fully aware of all this all summer, but with the Honda and the baby (an actual human) my time has been monopolized. I dont think I'm using monopolized correctly but hey, what the fuck.
I have been working on a workbench for the place and I was having some design issues. I think I've got that worked out, however so I should be on track with that soon. The point to all this is this: I used to complain that I had no place to work on my stuff, now I spend all my time working on the place to work on the stuff and not the stuff. No biggie, like they say at work-
"We'll git 'er" I'll post some pics of the workbench when I make some progress. It's quite unique.
Two quick side notes- 1) the red bike above is just a picture I found and thought was cool. If I owned a V-twin Harley I would want it to look something like that.
2) I figured out the picture thing - if you insert the picture before typing the text it shows up, if you type first - no dice.
Rock on with your frock on.

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