Sunday, January 15, 2006

Harley news

I was driving past the house where the ratty FLH lives yesterday and the owner was outside. I stopped and asked him about the bike. He's actually still paying on it and he hasn't ridden it in four years. Up close it was pretty scary. He said he laid it down a couple of times and the bike sure reflected that. It is a 94' Electra Glide Classic if anyone was wondering. He was a very nice guy and seemed eager to talk bikes so I'll have to swing by some other time and maybe encourage him to get it runnin. On the home front, I cleaned and organized the garagemobile in spite of the Sprint's best efforts to derail that. Everytime I go in the garage I can't do anything but stare at the Sprint and that leads to ideas about the bike and I start wrenching on it . This would not be such a a bad idea if I didn't have half a wall with exposed insulation and a huge pile of boxes scattered all around. I pushed the Sprint over by the Honda and covered it up. Using the "out of sight, out of mind" concept I got the wall closed in, some peg board hung, put up a bicycle holder, and built one shelf and assembled some others. Wow, I can walk around both bikes now. The sun was out so I snapped a couple of pics of my mock up. I dug out the old aluminum fender I've been sitting on for years and trimmed it to fit. I scored a Bates style seat and pillion pad on ebay and I have a sparto taillight that I found at a swap meet a while back. The Chief dug out a couple of bars and the drag bar looks pretty okay, but that may change. I've got about four hunderd front fenders to try but it looks cool sans fender. I'm also debating which front wheel to use so the fender choice is dependent on that. The front wheel in the pic is from a TX650 Yamaha. The stock wheel has a drum brake. I took the gauges off and it really cleaned up the look of the front end. I have ideas for how to get a speedo to work on this thing. You don't need a tach on this bike so that will be saved for future, other Sprints. I may work on the exhaust this week. I'm thinking straight pipe, but who knows.


Lucky said...

The Sprint looks righteous.

Gymi said...

don't bother with the front fender. The front end looks right without it.

WooleyBugger said...

I dig the tail light on it. I'd lose the pillion pad though or make one that isn't as thick.

I asked Gymi about his writing awhile back. Not sure where you live but I'm looking for some writers. I like your style and think I could use it. Get with gymi and see what he and I discussed if you want. Then you can email me at
It's for a new magazine that is in the works. Their are four of us and if gymi climbs aboard it'd be five. You would be six.

Getting a little how to help from Ron at the over Texas way.


Surly said...

Yeah, the P pad looks a bit bulky to me as well. I'm thinking of making it easily removable so I would only put it on if I had a passenger. It looks way cooler if its not there.
I would be interested in writing. I'll contact Gymi and you.

WooleyBugger said...

Gymi told me he sent the overview to you.

The thing is that you already do a pretty good job of writing and photog work. I think others would really dig on it.


red said...
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red said...

The Sprint is kick ass! I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else. Your writing does rock, something always cracks me up at work. And the pics you post of random kick ass scoots is always good as well.

Cycle Recycle 2 has an old HD by the dumpster but I don't think it's a sprint. It's a thumper and definitly looks like a DualSport. I don't know crap about HD.... on second thought maybe it is. It does look a lot like the pic you posted. I'll have to ask Raaaahhb.

(had to delete my last comment, damn typos)