Sunday, January 22, 2006

Step #2 Wipe hands on pants

Remember those public bathroom hand blowers and the cool graffitti they used to sport? There was a time when they all had "Wipe hands on pants" scratched on the instruction plate. Anyhoo, I've had these two paper towel holders for ever. You need something in the shop to hold paper towels. The old Fort Howard selfold towels aren't neccisarily the best option, I prefer the blue Shop Towels on a Roll, but the big steel box makes a cool platform for painting or stickers or whatever. You can see that I painted this one to give to one of my buddies. He's a VW guy, having had a few busses and a sweet 60' rag top bug. I found the "dienst" logo on an old European V-dub service manual and thought it was appropriate to hang in his shop. I used fizz cans for the creme base and the blue stripe. I did the lettering with One-Shot. I new hand lettering was tough but I have a new found respect for sign painters. I think I'll stick to trying to laydown crappy pinstripes and leave the lettering to the pros. The old rusty holder in the pic represents what they both looked like before the revamp. I will blast and paint the other one for my garagemobile. I'll have to fit that project in among all the others. So there you have the top secret paper towel holder #1.


Lucky said...

Nicely done! The lettering looks pretty good. The mistakes add to the punk-rock flavor.

Gymi said...

I can't paint good letters to save my life. I always take the easy way out, and have a buddy of mine make stencils on his Gerber machine. The towel holder looks great though.