Thursday, February 02, 2006

Catching up

I'm aware of the infrequency of my posts lately. The reason for this is a cross between nothing interesting to write about and sheer apathy. Things at work have picked up considerably and I usually like being busy. This, however, has been the getting pulled from all directions at once kind of busy. Sort of a drawn-and-quartered affair without the excruciating pain. Well, not phisically at least. I have made a little progress on the Sprint and the Honda too, but nothing really post worthy. The Honda needs paint and some engine work. I may just farm the paint off to Gymi if he's up to it so I don't have to worry about it. I need to tear the top end apart and figure out my carb problem and put in a new cam chain tensioner. I should have done this when I had it apart the first damn time. I put on a different center stand so I should have more ground clearance on the left side and the chain no longer rubs. We've had a pretty mild winter around here but it's still damn cold in that garagemobile. I'm pretty hesitant to tear the engine down in that cold ass garage. Not to mention I need to buy some parts to get the job done. It'll pay off when I get to ride it this summer and it goes and stops like it should and I don't have all the chains on it trying to eat itself. Potato Man will be one year old in a couple of weeks, so I've got that going for me. I've got a writing job courtesy of Wooley with his new magazine he's trying t get off the ground. That should be fun. I'll get to do some photography for him too. I usually go stagnant photo-wise in the winter. I need to get on the ball and post some of my photos here instead of web-jacked ones like the BMW above. Click on the pic for the link. I'm trying to learn Photoshop too. Nothing like spreading yourself too thin eh? Naw, that's just how I work. If I didn't have too much to do I'd have to focus on one project at a time. With my ADD, that just ain't gonna happen. There are two big bike shows in the next two weekends and I'm gonna try to make them both. I'll try to report on them and I'll definitely take some pics. One last thing, the neighbor Bill and I fried a turkey for our little post holiday get-together. It kicked ass. Next time we're gonna toss Punxatawnee Phil in the oil. Mmmmm.....fried groundhog.

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