Monday, February 06, 2006

I suck

I enjoy photography from both sides of the lens. I think I do a pretty good job most of the time. This past weekend I went to the Chicago SuperCycle show and parts expo. It was a big swap meet and bike show. The bike show was pretty much all choppers with a few restored stock Harleys and a Triumph or two thrown in for good measure. I brought my wife and my camera hoping for a day out of the house and some cool bike pics. Well, I got out of the house. The pictures are abysmal. Apparently, I don’t have a clue about flash photography. A demon-possessed monkey on crack could have produced better shots. I’m not taking this lightly, but I’m not going to jump out of any windows either. I didn’t owe anyone anything and all I have is a little money spent on film and processing. I’m moving forward. If I might digress a little, a photographer’s best tool is his ability to edit. All good photographers have made horrible shots. They do not let anyone see the bad ones. You never see a talented photographer passing around an envelope from Walgreen’s with every shot on a roll. A roll of 36 exposures may yield 5 or 6 good shots or twice that if your really good. I’ve heard people argue this point but this is my bully pulpit so go read their blogs for the other viewpoint. I do indeed have some photographs that I am particularly proud of. The majority of which have never been digitized for your web viewing pleasure. This is partly due to our digicam being a bit lacking in features and partly because scanning my negs or prints is a drag. Enough wound licking and excuse-making for one entry, I will now make a promise to you dear reader. I will work on the poor flash pictures, and get a few good ones posted. The pictures from the past weekend will never see the light of day.

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Grumpyunk said...

Let's practice Friday at the bike show! WooHoo!!!