Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Quite right

There's been a few videos around lately of people in cages really fucking up the commutes of some riders. I was over at Smidsy's and he had a link to this. I think you should read it. If you don't ride a motorcycle you should read it twice. I told my cousin when he started to ride that everyone in a car was trying to kill him. He laughed. The truth is people aren't really trying to kill him, but they will if he doesn't ride as if they are.


Grumpyunk said...

Here's Helmet cam video from a female on her R1 who gets bashed by a dumbass. I posted this the other day at my place. Check the clock on the video - Shit goes bad so quick.

I found a forum where the young woman talks about the whole thing. She's OK. Bikes Fubar. Can't find the link right now. Sorry.

sparx said...

Unfortunately, with drivers having less and less to do behind the wheel thanks to the automation of everything and more and more toys to play with, things aren't going to improve any time soon.

The THINK! campaigns change of tact is commendable but I don't see it making too much difference. I have already heard mutterings about the particular ad you link to from non-bikers who have convinced themsleves it was the two-wheelers fault.

Grumpyunk said...

OK. I hit all the links in your post EXCEPT the one that shows the R1. Thought I'd hit 'em all. Sorry, Surly.
Your lame ass Uncle is losing it.