Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A quick one

I just got home and I had to post this picture. I actually made some progress on the Sprint. I scored a new set of bars that really look nice and are just the right size for this little thing. I got a piece of tube welded in the frame for the Bates style seat to mount on and some springs for it as well. The exhaust is all tacked together and is looking pretty sweet too, if I do say so myself. Before I put on the new bars the bike fell over and the drag bar that was on there put a nice big crease in the tank. Another item on the list to fix. After I took the pics, I sanded and blasted most of the paint off the tank. There is a ton of rust inside so I may have to do some serious surgery. I've pretty much decided to shit-can the front fender and I'll probably shave her legs too. I have a bowl of ice cream calling my name and then its off to beddy-bye.


WooleyBugger said...

Sucks about the tank dent man. But she is looking better.

Lucky said...

Maybe it's just my rat-fandom, but I say it's almost ready to ride!

Looking good, can't wait to see how it'll end up.

Gymi said...

Lookin' good man.