Friday, March 24, 2006

Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler

This is my last opportunity to post while, hmmm.... well not on the clock because that would be just wrong to be blogging while at work wouldn't it? Of course I would never change the time to refelct a time when I was not at work. Yeah. Moving on, today is my last day at the old job. I wont be near a computer at the new job unless you consider the control of the Mori I'll be running. G code, while important, is not really the entertainment my readers seek methinks. It snowed last night and the drive here goes through some back roads with lots of trees. The last drive in was very picturesque. I've been hauling all my crap out a little at a time so there's not much left to bring home. Only my little machinist box which will go in the garagemobile and the big box goes to the new job. Yes, I get to use tools again. My desk is clean for the first time in three years. No more office, no more desk, no more fucking cubicle. I wont have to listen to everyone who comes in the office bitching about how cold/hot it is in there. I'll miss a few of the good things too like the truck driver running for Whoppers in the morning. Thanks big Dan. Ahh, nothing like a big ol' burger first thing in the A.M. Every time I've changed job I had a feeling of dread about the job "Is this the right move?" "Will I be happier over there?" Not this time. I can't wait to start the new gig. The only real hard part will getting my ass up earlier in the morning to get there on time. Tardiness in unacceptable at the new gig. Not a morning person, this guy. The drive is longer and is not the most fun route but at least it means more saddle time when I start commuting on the scooter. That's what it's all about anyhow right? I'll now have a 40 minute commute, as opposed to, a 15 minute ride. I get my own parking spot there too (everyone does). It's about 14 miles from the plant, but hey I'm the new guy I didn't expect a spot right up front. I have a few days off next week so I'm going to try to make some progress on the motorcycle front. Perhaps I'll do some work on the Honda paint. The garagemobile is an absolute mess so there will be some major cleaning action going on too. I'm gonna have to get the big stereo out there so I can crank the Clutch and get something done.
Then maybe I get back to actual motorcycle content on this thing instead of rambling on about my life. I have actually decided on a color for the Honda, and I've made progress on the Sprint so there's more to come. Wow, only eight more hours to go. I love working ten hour days.

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