Thursday, March 09, 2006

More on the gas leak

The people who know me know that when I'm happy I get goofy as hell. So much so, that I might randomly post a picture of the Thin White Duke and the lyrics to Moonage Daydream. I make no apologies for this. I was in a good mood yesterday and I still am. This has much to do with my secret. I've been on an emotional roller coaster the last few weeks and I'm enjoying one of the peaks. If you come here strictly for motorcycle content I will do my best to indulge you but man does not live on bikes alone. By the by, if any of you happen to be readers of My Crazy Uncle I hipped him to the fact that he wasn't letting the comments show and he's got it fixed. He wasn't ignoring ya'll-don't forget I'm the Surly one. This brings me to an interesting tie in. I realize that you aren't supposed to give yourself a nickname but I named myself Surly. I was working in a job a few years ago and I got to the point where I was dis-fucking-gruntled. My loathing for the company turned into self-loathing and I just became a general prick. In hindsight the comany was never really that bad, I just let the stupid things that all jobs contain get to me. That's a hard thing not to do for anyone. With the exception of a few hubris hobbyists over there, the people that work there are quite nice and are just trying to earn a living. While I was there I was wanting uniforms to wear (I'm a machinist) and the company would not spring for them. I decided just to order my own damn clothes. While I was on the phone with the uniform folks they asked about getting a name embroidered on the shirts. That little light bulb went on and I had em' put Surly on a week's worth of shirts. Since then I've tried not to be the crab-ass of my past and the Surly name helps put things in perspective. Of course people who know me know that the truth is a little closer to squirrely than Surly. Enjoy some other internet surlyness. I've got one of these, of course. This place looks cool. Eat. Drink. Rock. Raise Hell.


red said...

I didn't know you were a machinist. Very cool, that's what my grandpa is, well was until they made him retire this year.

I'm thinking about learning the trade, have any pointers?


Surly said...

Pointers on being a machinist.
strong math skills up to and including trigonometry
long hours

Good pay
super handy as a motorcyclist

Der_General said...

They put me in work shirts when I was working the parts counter at the motorcycle dealership, so I matched the mechanics. They made the mistake of letting me order them myself, so of course none of them have my actual name on them - they're all "Earl", "Jethro", "Tiny", etc.

Grumpyunk said...

He's lying. His nickname, to those of us who know and love him, has always been Asshole.
That part about his "happy = goofy as hell" is known among health care professionals as a "Manic Phase". Gawd knows what that whole "Secret" thing is about. I hope he hasn't been to the zoo again.

Surly said...

O.K. so I "asshole spam" the uncle and he defames me in my comments section. Real mature....poopy head.

Gymi said...

You two are killing me, you should start antoher blog where the two of you rip each other. You got me holdin' my sides here.

Grumpyunk said...

Smile when you call me Poopy head, Pilgrim.
/John Wayne voice - off>

WooleyBugger said...

At one job I had years ago they called me "SourAss" because their previous boss let them get away with anything. The rest got tired of them doing very little and having to take up the slack. The slackers got all the breaks and the others all the work. So I was the one who busted that bubble when I became the BOSS and became known as "SOURASS" by the lazy ones.

Lucky said...

Surlyville looks a whole lot like First Ave. Odd. ;)