Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poor Ben smashed his head.

O.K. I feel for Ben Roethlisberger and his family and it sucks that he got hurt. From what I know at this point he may or may not have had a motorcycle endorsement on his license which may or may not have made it illegal to ride helmet-less in Pennsylvania. If he was doing it illegally, shame on him. If not, by arguing that he should or should not have been doing it is opening the whole Pandora's box of helmet law discussion. I'm not going there. Lets assume for a minute that this was some other person who was not famous and had a valid motorcycle endorsement. What I want to know is how come someone can buy a legal mode of transportation and ride it in a legal manner on a public highway and when someone turns left in front of him all the focus is on how this person is putting his job in jeapordy. He's a fucking rich entertainer. So is Billy Idol and there weren't half as many tears for Billy when he crashed. If someone turned left in front of me and I bumped my nugget on a car and the friggin sidewalk my family would want to know who's going to pay the mortgage and feed the toddler. From every report I have seen, heard, or read Ben did nothing wrong and some poor woman in her big brown cage turned left in front of him. The thing here should be that people in cars need to see people on motorcycles. When we ride motorcycles we take chances, for those who choose to ride helmet-less they choose to increase the potential for risk. I think the focus is on the wrong part of the issue. I guy got hurt real bad because a woman in a car was not paying attention-not a superstar was doing something reckless and stands to lose a bunch of money and potentially another Super-Bowl ring. I don't think he was being reckless. I wish Ben Roethlisberger a full and speedy recovery.

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Biker Betty said...

His accident has really opened a can of worms. Have you read the nasty comments from a Canadian journalist (I use journalist in reference to this guy very loosely). Go to and read what they posted about him.