Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ben, Father's Day, and that wheelchair guy.

Ben Roethlisberger was riding illegally. That makes him a dumbass. The issue as I see it is now down to this; telling him not to ride a motorcycle because he might hurt himself is asinine. Just because he is an entertainer does not make his life more valuable than mine or yours. If you are worried about someones safety, tell Stephen Hawking to be careful in the bathtub. I like football but I'm thinking "the wheelchair guy" has probably contributed more to mankind than Benny. Could he have hurt himself riding a motorcycle? Yup. Could you get hit by a piece of frozen poop from an airplane falling from the sky? Yup. Better not live in a country where there are airplanes. Or football. Or astro-physics. Get a license, dumbass.
Happy Father's day a little late, BTW. I've been busy being a dad, ironically. My Dad just finished riding his bike from Portland, Oregon to Missoula, Montana. That's bicycle, for the record, your honor. 660 miles. 55 years old. He can also weld two beer cans together. Here is a picture the old man took of me and Potato man at Grandma's wake. Yup, fat and bald.

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