Thursday, June 22, 2006

Motorcycles? I like motorcycles

I have finally gotten to item #4 on my list: Get Honda running. This should be no big deal considering it ran last summer, I just need to finish getting it back together and synch the carbs. I am waiting for the paint to come back and I think I'll get it around, oh........Valentine's Day. I borrowed a remote gas tank and mercury carb stick from a buddy so I can put the super tune on her without the actual fuel tank. Despite many Daddy duty setbacks I've kept the garagemobile clean and I installed a new light above the workstand so I can actually see the bike and I must say the workstand has been quite convienent thus far. It's also allowed me to see how filthy the Honda really is. My plan is to get her back together, as original as practical and ride with an option to sell. As money allows I'll be buying new emblems and decals for the paint to put her back to the way Soichiro intended, give or take. I should be able to make time this weekend to get it all done and I'll just be waiting for the paint. In the meantime Smidsy gets a new bike, Lucky is getting a new bike and I stopped by the local Suzuki dealer and they had a bright red SV650s sitting in the corner looking all lonely. Just as I was about to walk out, finally a salesperson asked me if I needed help. Long story short, I walked back to the truck with a nice brochure and "for only 99 bucks a month" ringing in my ears. Damn. I told my wife and she was just about to give me the go ahead when I interrupted her. I couldn't have lived with knowing that she was okay with buying a new bike and I know I really shouldn't do it right now. Of course, I can always rationalize this with there will never be enough money, or no time like the present, or the fact that most of my friends don't bother with things like putting money in savings so why should I continue? It sucks being responsible. Weigh in here, I'd love to hear what everyone but my Dad has to say. Not that his opinion isn't valuable, it is, but I already know what he'd say because I've heard it many times before. I will be buying the bike, that's a given, the issue is now or later. So let me know what you think, should I pull the trigger on the new SV650 and ride and be happy and poor or wait and not ride and be happy and poor. Shoot, when I say it that way...........


Gymi said...

I say buy the bike and take the money your going to save on gas and throw that at you savings account. New bike, new savings, win, win in my book.

Blatz said...

Top 10 reasons NOT to buy a bike right now.
10. Yea maybe it is only 99.00 a month. But that does not include insurance.
9. You have a bike.
8. Hot bikes cause lead in your wrist, which lead to tickets which leads to pissed off wife.
7. I am not supposed to have stress!
6. Poor your NOT! You are a very rich man, you just have not realized it yet.
5. Think how bad you will feel when potato man touches the hot pipe.
4. Leaky basement.
3. Small house.
2. Your mom, who you did not say could not express her opinion, would be scared to death with you riding to work on a bike. Because those people out there are just f-ing nuts.
And the number one reason, is when we kack you get it all, buy one then.

Lucky said...

If you can bear it, wait a while and save up some more cash to put down on it. The SV650 is not a rare bike, it'll be there when you go back.

Of course, I'm presently extremely frustrated by the fact that my new bike is, you know, not actually mine yet. I hate thinking about all the filthy freaks touching it until I can bring it home...