Sunday, June 25, 2006

Over and over again

Thinking about the whole new bike thing I realized the 99 bucks a month thing had to be a scam. Well, maybe not a scam, but not neccisarily all it's cracked up to be. If the bike is $6000.00 and the deal is $99.00 a month for 60 months at 10.whatever percent interest it doesn't take a mathmagician to figure out that the figures don't jive. No biggie. Looking on ebay, there are always three or four low mile SV650's usually with a pipe and a fender eliminator for around $3500.00. I believe I've blogged this before so I don't want to just repeat myself. I don't want to just repeat myself. Clearly used is the way to go.

In the comments of the last post my Mom said this:
Top 10 reasons NOT to buy a bike right now.
10. Yea maybe it is only 99.00 a month. But that does not include insurance.
9. You have a bike.
8. Hot bikes cause lead in your wrist, which lead to tickets which leads to pissed off wife.
7. I am not supposed to have stress!
6. Poor your NOT! You are a very rich man, you just have not realized it yet.
5. Think how bad you will feel when potato man touches the hot pipe.
4. Leaky basement.
3. Small house.
2. Your mom, who you did not say could not express her opinion, would be scared to death with you riding to work on a bike. Because those people out there are just f-ing nuts.
And the number one reason, is when we kack you get it all, buy one then.

My Mom is caring, well meaning, and funny as all hell. I will now address these points one by one, not as points of contention but just as a friendly rebuttal. Huh, huh, I said butt.

10. Of course I considered insurance, one of the reasons for choosing this particular bike is the reasonable insurance. See number 9.
9. I have an old pile of parts that is currently plated and insured that I cannot ride. What a waste of money. While it has yet to let me down, a more modern motorcycle would be more reliable. Much better tires and brakes too.
8. The bike in question is not what you'd call a hot bike. O.K. you'd call it a hot bike, but most people call it a beginner bike and sell them quickly because they think they are slow.
7. Self fulfilling prophecy. You are also my Mother and you knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
6. Poor is relative, I have much more than many and still can't swing payments on the bike. I am very greatful for all that I have tangible and intangible.
5.As much as I would like, I cannot remove all danger for my son. He burned himself on the stove and I'm not going to start having all my meals delivered. See number 9.
4. I no longer store motorcycles in the basement so I don't see how this applies.
3. See number 4.
2. I value both my parents' opinions. Yes, people are nuts. Also, see numbers 9 and 5.
1. I can't do anything you think is dangerous but I shoud anticipate your death? How bleak is that? Besides, when the time comes I'll have 11 more non-running motorcycles.

Of course, Mom makes some very valid points and if she read a few more motorcycle blogs she would be more nervous than ever, and also see that safety is paramount among most motorcyclists. I said motorcyclists, not bikers, Mom. Love you Mom.
(Scott Flying Squirrel in the picture BTW)

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