Sunday, June 25, 2006

It's Alive!

The Honda fired right up today. Put in the battery, figured out which wires needed to be reconnected, hooked up the high-test I.V. and punched the button. Blammo. I made some adjustments, synched the carbs, found the leak and she runs better than ever. Without the headlight bucket the wiring is all dangly. I did a little cleaning too but the bike still has dirt on it from when I bought it. I've never given it a proper cleaning. All I need is my bodywork back and I'll be on the road again. There's a few little this' and that's to do like fix the leaks but you'll always have that, right? I must say again the workstand is wonderful. I guess now I can work on the Puch.


Lucky said...

Rock ON!

Biker Betty said...

Alright!! I can probably go back and read, but is this the bike you have been painting? What colors did you finally decide on? Purple?