Thursday, June 29, 2006

Man bag

If you happen to be the messenger bag type of guy (or gal) and are in the market for a really nice hand-made by actual skinny, fixie riding messenger types-go and order one of these R.E. Load Baggage bags. Is this PBR bag not the coolest messenger bag you've ever seen? The base models are competitively priced but the custom ones such as this one here go way up in price but they are hand-made and I'd guess worth every penny. I'd love to lay hands on one to try out. They also sell Keirin stuff so you know they are cool. I have a messenger bag that I've found is quite handy as well as comfy for riding on the motorcycle as well as the bicycle. If you have to get on and off the bike your gear stays with you and you dont need to worry about taking the tank bag off or someone getting into your saddlebags. Just thought I'd share. Past my bedtime, nitey-nite.


Markus said...

omg! I want one!...of course, mine will have to be plastic/thermally lined to actually transport PBR's.

Surly said...

I'm glad someone read that post.