Sunday, July 16, 2006

Robot lords of Tokyo, smile, taste kittens!

Like some of my other internet cohorts I will be doing a bit of writing over at TheMotorcycleGroup from time to time. I'm going to say that most of my motorcycle only posts will be over there and stuff about my bicycles and the garagemobile will still be here. It's funny how I have no time to really contribute to my blog so I decided to contribute to two. Just another in a long trend of spreading myself too thin. I used to read about how guys would "be getting back into motorcycling" after raising a family. For those of you with bikes and kids, you get this. Time is important to us all but time spent with your family is the most valuable of all, but that gets split between fun and the not so fun stuff. I'm not a fan of changing diapers, so I'd rather be changing tires. Of course I don't want to miss even one giggle or cookie covered grin. So without getting estrogen all over the place I'll just say that even though I may not be putting in much saddle time on the scooter but I don't feel guilty about it. Now the roof on the garagemobile needs to be replaced, and I'd much rather be out riding than doing that. Check out the other site, it's a bit green right now but should be going strong in a few weeks. Rock on people.

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red said...

The community blog is cool, I checked it out. Another great way to waste time at work!

No worries about selling the CL. I changed my mind and actually made some progress with the carbs. They're rejetted and the slides are closing all the way. Now, I have to recheck the timing @ the cams. I think it's off which is no picnic. But I'm still learning and rumor has it that's part of the fun.