Monday, September 04, 2006

Can you dig it?

I can dig it. I dug a 30ft. trench for the power, phone, cable, and gas for the garagemobile. One more step in getting things dialed in around here. There is also a new roof on the garagemobile, as you can see. The Honda still has no tank or headlight bucket and it sits on the bike stand waiting (motorcycle content). You may notice the angle of the picture is a bit different than some of the others. The deck on the back of the house is gone now too and I hope to have a new one before the snow flies. The siding on the garage should be replaced before I cut holes for the wires and gas in the wall. The window on the side needs to be replaced. I still have to pull wires and connect the gas line. That's just the stuff in the inside of the house. Why is it again that I don't have time to blog or ride?
I changed up the links on the sidebar. You will notice a few new ones and some of the old ones are gone. The format changed slightly, If any of you used the link for something and can't find it leave a comment and I'll put a link in a post but what's gone is gone, they are not coming back to the sidebar. Check out 2StrokeBuzz, the neat scooter blog. I may have a post on scooters coming up over at TheMotorcycleGroup sometime in the near future. Check it out. Rock on.


Der_General said...

Lookin' good! Look on the bright side - just think about how much work you'll be able to get done this winter...

Biker Betty said...

That's goin to be great once you finish it.