Sunday, August 27, 2006

A rare (double) cross post and lots of links

Before the "World's Fastest Indian" came out I went on and on about how cool it was. I stand by that. Well Mr. Jalopy got to actually spy the real bike. I'm sure it's much nicer now than when Burt was tinkering with it. Check out the photos over at Hooptyrides, Positive Ape Index, and Iowahawk. Oh, and there were a few cars there if you are into that sort of thing.

As for the other cross-post I posted a book review over at TheMotorcycleGroup so If your goofing off at work (Hi Greg C.!) run on over there and check it out.
Now for the picture. That is an XR650L done up in SuperMotard guise. I really, really want this bike but like most things I really, really want I will only be able to obtain it when I'm 60. Seriously, this is a pretty cool bike that would really not be that hard to get my hands on in a year or two. I'm starting to re-think the SV650. By the time I get my paint back for my CB550 I will have forgotten how to ride anyhow. I've ridden a motorcycle once in 2006. I think I'll buy a lottery ticket.

Edit - that is an XR650R not an L in SuMo guise. That makes it way freakin cooler.


Markus said...

oooooh, you've got the 'tard bug.

I got it from a friend, 3 months later I had a 'tarded -XR400 (page on my site about it, if interested)

...there's only one cure.;)

Surly said...

Yeah, too bad I'm broke. My buddy has a pair of DR350 he'd sell cheap though........