Friday, October 20, 2006

How I learned to love the brown

I was very tempted to use "back in black" as the title of the post but I thought a little obscure Dr. Strangelove reference would be better. Like I've said before, nothing like alienating people to build readership. I've never been a fan of the working vacation due to the problem of not getting a third of what you planned done. This week has been no exception but I knew the job was dangerous when I took it. I got cable, phone, and POWER, all in the garagemobile this week. The lighting for the above picture was provided by lights plugged into an outlet. There were no extention cords running through the wall to the house for this. I am far from done but great strides have been made. You can see behind the Honda a new window and a breaker box with breakers in it....that work. Woo fricken Hoo. I actually watched two or three episodes of Hawaii Five-O this week in the garagemobile without having to adjust the damn rabbit ears. A man of Steve McGarrett's prestige would not stand for that. That guy's a badass, but I digress. Point is, cable + power = TV in the garagemobile. Purists would argue the garage is no place for a television but I'll tell em what McGarrett says "I don't answer to anyone but the governor". Yeah, I'm losin' it man, I need to go back to work. On to the black.................
I got my bodywork for the Honda finally. It's black and looks good. Of course there is alot to do to get it all done and as I expected the nice paint magnifies the rest of the flaws. Let's not dwell on the negative. The garage is now a more comfortable place to work and I can get going on the bike projects. That's the coolest thing of my week.

These pics are just for reference or perhaps inspiration.

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Gymi said...

The bike is lookin' good man, were's Dano?