Sunday, October 29, 2006

Man, I'm freakin' wired

The garagemobile is all wired. Conduit bent, wires pulled, switched outlets, the whole nine yards. You can walk in and flip a switch for the lights to come on. The garage door opener has power to it, I have a light over the entry door, I can plug in my Battery Tender and the Makita charger. Freakin sweet. I still need to do quite a few outdoor things to the ol building but I'm at the mercy of Mother nature and Father time on that one. That means I can start working on the motorcycles again. I was running everything in the garage with extension cords.
This is the "gut pile" of extension cords I had. Now I have all the same things as before, and then some, plugged in without any extension cords and it's clearly much safer.
I took the cover off the Ducati Falcon 50 this morning to take advantage of the lovely light and snapped a couple artsy-fartsies. Speaking of photography, I do a bit of photography as a hobby or at least I did before my son was born. I was checking out my usual web-haunts and Maurice, the Flyin Dutchman had a link to Scott Pommier's site. Scott is a photographer who shoots mostly for skateboarding mags but has some very cool motorcycling pictures as well. I urge you to check out his work. Don't miss the skateboarding stuff, while the content may not be your cup of mead the quality of the photographs is top notch. The photo below was stolen from his site, click on it to go to his galleries.
This picture, while probably designed to isnpire the purchase of $850.00 boots, makes me want to find a 350 Honda or something equivalent and build a ultra-cheap rat cafe racer. I'm gonna go get the local auto finder........

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red said...

thanks for the link, very cool gallery.