Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow Day!

When I last posted the winter weather was like spring weather. Rainy, fourtyish degrees. Then, the latter part of January got freaking cold. Like zero and below cold. We had a couple of mornings that were -10 when I went out to start the car in my parka and jammies. The weather has now shifted into full blown, Storm Watch 2007!!!!! Seriously, there is actually a blizzard warning for the county my folks live in. I have to drive about 20 miles to work toward the east. I also live just south of Lake Michigan so this means the closer I get to work the better the chance of getting hammered by lake effect snow. My employers are painfully aware of this and are cool enough to let those of us who live far away take off before the roads get too bad. I ain't gettin paid, but they won't hold it against me. So I'm getting caught up on my blog reading, checking my email and a snow plow drives past. I says to my self "Self", I says. "Self, that would make a pretty kick ass picture for the blog that you never have time to post on would it not?" So, I dump all the pics from the camera and sit here and wait for the plow truck to come back the other way and do the opposite side of the road. It took awhile, but the truck did come back. Sadly I missed the photo opportunity to snap the hillbilly snowboard-skitching in his Carhart bibs behind the Dodge Ram pickup. It was a thing of beauty. He never came back by either. If he does you better believe
I'll get it this time. He's probably in a nice warm hospital bed right now curled up with a bottle of Vicodin. Ahhh, good times. I did get a picture of the mailman spinning his tires in front of the pink house.
I guess the garbage man ain't comin today either. Nice railings there on old Casa del Surly eh? Made em myself, but I digress. I snapped a few pics on the way home from work the other day, too. Nothing like driving one handed through the snow while looking through the viewfinder of a cheap digi-cam rather than watch where you are going. At least there are no motorcycles on the road.
So for those of you who live in areas that get real cold like 50 degrees and have to put on a jacket this is what the winter looks like. It's also not a big deal to most of us. My wife didn't even come home from work today but she's a workaholic and that's another story. That's all for now, if you can go out and ride your motorcycle put on a few miles for me. I'll put on a few pounds for you. Rock on.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Its actually 38deg here!..(with a high of 47 ;) ).
...and I'm freezing my rear off!

I guess I qualify as one of those pansy's. :(

I'm glad I don't live somewhere that blizzards like yourself, I'd stock up with cheap whiskey and forget my name for weeks at a time.

Stay warm!

Surly said...

Yeah, around here it's cheap beer but I hear ya.