Friday, February 16, 2007


Warning, this post is a bit self indulgent and very non-motorcycley. Still here? O.k. My Grandfather was bald and wore a beard. Not a bad look for Grampa. My father has been bald and worn a beard for the bulk of my life. There are two things that I've known for a long time. One, I could grow a beard if I wanted to and two, I will eventually go bald. I've done the beard thing in the past and over the holidays I decided to grow a beard again. No big deal, it takes about a minute for me to grow a beard. At the company Christmas party my lovely wife and I got our picture taken and both points listed above became brutally clear. I had gone right past being my Dad and went straight to Grampa. I don't think I'm quite ready for that. I nixed the beard. I'd heard that shaving a beard off cold turkey can freak out your kids so I went gradually. I settled on a vandyke that is a cross between Coop's devil and Bill Cody. I wasn't too sure about that but I did not look like anyone else I knew, at least. My hair (what's left of it) was needing a trim so I made an appointment to get another flat-top. I was thinking the haircuts have gotten a bit pathetic but I was getting shaggy and what else can be done? Then the blizzard happened so I cancelled the appointment for a haircut. If I may digress for a moment, I mentioned awhile back that I got a promotion at work. The new position requires that I wear a collared shirt and I cannot wear a hat. I currently wear a ball cap every day, mostly to keep metal chips off of my head. I have about a month before I move into that spot so I figured I'd better find some sort of solution to the hair thing. When I was a kid I always said I'd just shave my head when the hair started falling out. Time to be a man of my word I handed the clippers to Mrs. Surly and now I look a bit like Ming the Merciless. You be the judge.
It was -5 degrees here this morning and this is not the haircut for the faint of heart. My boss said I'm ugly as hell and from the co-workers I got two Powders, a Kojack, and the white Shaft. I assume he means the Sam Jackson Shaft and not the Richard Roundtree Shaft. The wife said I look hot. I'll defer to her. I don't really give a shit what anyone else thinks, but feel free to leave a comment. Later.
p.s. If anyone could photoshop my head onto ol Ming's body in black and white and post it somewhere for me to grab I'd greatly appreciate it. My photoshop skills suck.


Der_General said...

Looks like a badass to me! I'd go bald, but I have a suspicion I have a very funny-shaped head. Also, I have super-thick hair while many of friends are starting to thin, so I'll keep it just to piss 'em off.

I remember my dad shaved off his beard on Christmas day when I was about four years old or so, and I freaked out.

Lucky said...

Looks sharp!

Don't forget sunscreen up top, and don't get yourself a goofy tan line from your cap.

red said...

here you go:


red said...

the first one sucked, had to use my pc at work...

boredom at home drove me to redo it:

WooleyBugger said...

I remember many years back when I shaved the beard cause the wife had never seen me without one. My son, who was around three or four at the time, had been standing outside the closed bathroom door while I shaved. All I left was my mustache. When I came out he saw me, began screaming and ran through the house shouting "I don't like it! Put it back! Put it back! He wouldn't come near me the rest of the night.