Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Is it wrong?

O.K. so I bought a new bike. I really like the new bike. I don't like that my friggin hands hurt after a 20mi ride to work but that's a rant for another day. I got the new Cycle World magazine the other day and there is a review of the new Kawasaki Versys. The bike is calling me. It's singing the siren song of new motorcycles. I've only got about 210mi on the Suzuki and I haven't made payment one yet. I have an overwhelming desire to take a new Versys for a ride. Of course it's an 08 model and I'm sure there won't be one on a showroom floor for a while. The MSRP is only a few hundred bucks more than the Zook. Is it wrong for me to be wanting this bike? Is it my hurting wrists and more practical nature urging me in that direction or is it just new bike envy. I was leaning toward the V-Strom anyway and the Versys is the direct competitor to the V-Strom but much cooler looking. This is like trying to find a girlfriend and striking out all over the place, and then after you have a steady girl all the chicks some sniffing around. What the hell? I could sell the SV when the Versys hits these American shores and I'd probably be happy with either bike but... I should probably take my own advice and just go ride.
But it's so much more practical... Hmmmm.... Most of the bike guys I know would just buy it and park it next to all the other bikes. If I see one, I'll let you know. Opinions?


Der_General said...

Hmmmm, I might be looking for a good deal on a gently used SV next season...

Lucky said...

Regarding your sore hands and wrists:

Squeeze the tank with your knees, which will make you straighten out your back which will make you keep your weight off your arms. It takes some practice (guess how I know...), but it works.

Someone much wiser than me advised that a sportbike rider should be able to flap his/her arms like a chicken. If you can't, it means your posture is wrong and you've got too much weight on your wrists.

Also, don't you dare get rid of your sexy SV for that other, lesser bike. :D

Grumpyunk said...

Maybe a set of bar risers would help along with Luckys' idea?

I've been looking at the V Strom for a couple of years now. That Kaw looks good. Maybe It'll be here by the time I'm ready to retire the Concours.