Friday, July 20, 2007

Iss no bad...

Today it's hot dog Friday at work. A fellow engineer brought in a bunch of hot dogs. (I was gonna say an ass-load of hot dogs but that really presents some bad images to a perv such as myself). We all pitched in and we've got all the fixins for all variatons of hot dog. I had a 9:30 break chili-dog and I just polished off two Chicago-stlyle dogs. I need to finish this before the bell rings so I can cram some more free grub down my cake-hole. On a much better mental picture note, I "applied for" my 2008 Moto GP tickets today. Hmmm, applied for. Sounds shaky. Anyway, Moto GP is coming to Indianapolis Motor Speedway in September 2008. It kind of makes the fact that I have to fly to Idaho this Sunday night suck a little less. Rock on folks, have a weekend!

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