Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My own private Idaho

I flew to Salt Lake City Sunday night and got up Mon. at 4:00 a.m. and drove 4 hours to TheMiddleOfNowhere, Idaho for work. It's beautiful out there, even though the entire state is on fire and it was 97 degrees without wildfires. I only saw about a dozen motorcycles the entire trip and none of them on the highway. I'm not sure why. There are bikes everywhere you look here in the middle west. While I was out there I had many interesting observations and thoughts in my head that would be perfect for the old blog. It would have been nice to have a laptop but I could have made some notes. I did not. I did have a nice conversation on the plane with a guy who club races an Aprilia RS125 and we talked bikes a bit. I went out there by myself so other than the work stuff that's really the only conversation I had save for ordering food and chatting with the wife on the phone. I read an entire book on the plane which is no small feat for me. I also read most of the latest edition of Bike. It's a great magazine and I may write a review of it here. No time now though. I've got to figure out why I have no place for body text in my email. Jeez. Later.
Oh and for the record- I did not ride a Norton, have narcolepsy or do any other chicken-hawk like activities as the post title may have suggested. I have seen the B-52's, however.

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