Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Perhaps more resolve in the new year.

Many people have New Year's Resolutions in order to make a change, or more importantly, improve themselves. I've never been a fan of waiting until a specific day to make a change. In and of itself it makes no sense. In an order of operations sense, I totally get it. By this I mean if one is consciously thinking about thier well-being and the thought occurs to them they are overweight and it happens to be October they shouldn't wait until just after the hangover on January first to start eating right. If that person takes a look in the mirror on December fifteenth and the increasing double chin is suddenly obvious, waiting until the first of the year is certainly not unforgiveable given the Holiday parties and the ubiquitous red and green M&M's. This is just an example and I'm certainly not in the diet advice buisiness *(I'm eating apple-crisp as I write this - thanks Mom). The point is self awareness. Many of my frustrations have been from figuring things out a bit too late. Of course we all have the 20/20 hindsight problem, don't we? Perhaps having a bit more resolve throughout everyday life could help to maintain our foresight. Make concious descicions instead of doing things blindly.

*I wrote this the day after Christmas and I have been sitting on it because I was going to add to it. I have since started eating healthy and exercising. Partly due to some new resolve but also due to the fact that I entered a contest with my Dad and some other folks. Super-Middleweight here I come.

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