Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Paddock stands, you say?

The effect is sort of lackluster when I try to leave you hanging about some paddock stands and then have a couple of post that don't mention it. Just after the video of winterizing the bikes, I started looking for some stands for the SV. I did a little asking on the boards and the general consensus was buy Pitbull stands. They are top notch. High quality stuff, they say. They run about $125.00 for the rear stand. I wanted a front and rear set and for convenience of lifting, spools would be nice. As long as I'm wishing, how about the triple tree attachment for the front stand so I can do brake and fork work too? Enter T-Rex racing. Someone on the board mentioned the T-Rex stands and said for the average non-race guy who needs a stand for winter storage and basic maintenance these stands are the cat's pajamas. You can buy the stands through ebay or direct from the T-Rex website. I went the ebay route. After an email or two I got a quote for the rear, the front with tree adapter (includes a bike specific stud) in the color of my choice, rear spools, and shipping for $165.00. From Texas to NW Indiana in two days. They are bolt together stands and are not of the quality of a Pitbull stands but are well made and fit the bill. These stands are to the Pitbulls what the SV650s is to the Ducati 748. Not the top of the line but gets the job done equally well. And if you are going to use it with your Ducati Falcon 50 they might be a bit too large. O.K. they totally dwarf the poor little bike but it's a funny picture anyway. By the way, the rear stand is made to be used with or without spools but the contact is more positive with the spools and the spools offer a bit of crash protection. I haven't tried the triple tree adapter yet. The SV has a plastic cover over the bottom of the stem and I didn't have much time in the garage tonight to take it off. I just took a picture of it hanging on the garage door track.


Markus said...

hey, nice SV...first pic I'd seen of it.

I wish I knew about those stands, I have 3 pitbull ones. Fantastic, of course, but expensive.

You'll be glad you got the triple tree extension, it's worth it's weight in gold!


Lucky said...

I have a pitbull stand as well. I don't have a stand for the front yet, but I expect I'll get one sooner than later!