Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Paddock Stands pt. 2

I finally made some time to install my Heli Bars on the SV. I will not be riding the bike for a while due to the weather and well... the weather. I used the triple tree stand with my new T-Rex front stand and it worked very well. They reccomend you do not raise or lower the bike by yourself. I raised it myself but had a friend help me lower it and I would definitely reccomend that. Having the bike hanging from the lower tree makes taking the top tree off a breeze. (you are correct Markus!!) The bar swap went well and I think the small amount the bars move from stock will be just what I need comfort-wise. Visually, the bike looks the same. The Heli bars are very nicely made. You can do a search on YouTube for Heli Modified and see some videos fo how they are made. I think this will be the ticket. The next project will be to eliminate that snow shovel hanging off the back of the tail section.
(pictures to follow)
Rock on.

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Gymi said...

I've read about the helibars and was thinking about them for the zrx. Looking forward to your review.