Friday, May 23, 2008

42-39-56 You can say she's got it all

First, the most important thing here is my wife had a beautiful little boy on Mother's day. Awesome.
I rode my motorcycle to work Thursday. I think I may post all the days I ride as a motivation to myself to ride more. That's it on that.
I've been planning on selling the Honda for a while. I was waiting until spring to put it on the market. Last Sat. I pushed her out of the garage, put my new battery in and she fired right up. I took that as a good sign. One good sign deserves another so I put the "for sale" sign on the headlamp and pushed her to the street. I had money in my pocket by Monday night. She looks pretty nice all tarted up in black, no? I don't think I'll miss it all that much but I like the way it turned out.
The move. Buying and selling houses for a non real estate guy is a bit harrowing but we got through it. Thanks Bill + Amy, Joe, and the Chief. The house is coming together slowly. Not too bad for having a toddler, working 50 hrs a week, the wife having a baby, and trying to organize all the events that go with that.
Last day in the Garagemobile. All that was left was the S-Wee and my ubiquitous Makita.

The new, not-so-mobile garage.

The old house was small but had an attic, a basement, a garden shed with a small loft, and the Garagemobile. The new house has twice the living space. Notice I did not mention storage. Ooops. No garded shed, that suff goes in the garage. Trusses up above, the winter clothes and holiday decorations (along with a pair of nice seats for an A-100 van) now live in the garage. No basement, the bicycles, workout stuff, and the entire darkroom now resides...wait for it...yep, in the garage. Holy shit, I'm buried. Getting the Honda out of there was a great start but I've got a long way to go. At least the new baby has a room of his own. So that's the update on that. Oh yeah, and because I'm a sucker for free bicycles and anything green and sparley I'm now the proud (?) owner of a Schwinn Varsity.

Okay the Schwinn is WAY to tall for me. I'm not quite six foot tall and I can just barely stand over the top tube. For that reason alone, I should not have "accepted" this bike. I saw it in my neighbors garage and volunteered to "get rid of it" for him. You know, if he was just going to throw it away anyhow? It's a sickness people, I inherited it from my father. If it was brown I never would have grabbed it. I had a similar Schwinn Suburban a few years ago in Campus Green that was at a garage sale. This Varsity is Lime Green, incidentally. I asked about it and they gave me a price and I declined. I went back as they were packing up and they gave it to me. I rode it for a week and gave it away. I could go on and on with stories like this. Ain't exactly pretty, she ain't exactly small. I think I'll call her Rosie.

I'm going to build a fixed gear out of this because I don't have enough ways to injure myself. Man, I love that color. A few years ago I bought a tube set (stop me if you've heard this one) to build a frame. I think if I ever get to building that I'll paint it this color. Momma's home, gotta go.

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red said...

Man, the Honda turned out great! Congrats on the new house. If you run across another 550, let me know!