Monday, June 02, 2008

Rode the bike today

Like I said, I am planning on posting all the days I ride. I parked in the motorcycle parking area today for the first time. You see, we have office employee parking in the front of the building and shop employee parking out back. The shop people outweigh the office people many times over. There is a lower lot which includes the motorcycle parking and an upper lot which is up a steep hill and where most people are relegated to unless you have worked here for 150+ years. When I hired in, I parked on the hill. I didn't ride my bike then because the Honda was not done. By the time the Honda was done, I was an office employee and got to proudly display my Honda in the front lot for all to see. Then I got promoted. Due to some sort of cruel twist of fate, I have a great job back in the shop but I have to go back to parking on the hill. The previous posts from two weeks ago I stated that I rode the bike................ God this is even boring me. I need to work on my content.
I rode my bike today. Parked in a good spot. Heli-bar review to come.

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