Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I killed it

Bultaco Metralla- photo taken by the author

I killed my other blog. I only had a few posts and it seemed pointless to have two. It still exists but just links you back here. I moved all the posts from there to here so if you wanted to read an old post search for them here.

I have many interests and I was going to keep this blog to motorcycles. Well, that just ain't gonna happen. I'll still post bike stuff but there may, nay will, be posts on other stuff I'm into such as would have been on the Cash Tabernacle blog. Look forward to some minor changes in content and perhaps the look of the blog. Design, photography, tinkering, my house. Please, leave comments.

You may have noticed I have not had any "Rode my bike today" posts. I didn't forget, I just have not been riding the bike. I'm having a hard time dragging my lazy ass out of bed in the morning. No excuse, just the facts. This is normally where I would complain about not having enough time due to working on the house and changing diapers and the like. I'm done with talking about that. My intent all along with this was to be focused on content and not excuses. I think I've siad this before but suffice to say if I'm not posting, I'm busy.

I've got some idea's for new posts and I want to stick to my resolution to have more resolve.

Look forward to some minor changes in content and perhaps the look of the blog. Please, leave comments. I like comments.

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Shop Teacher Bob said...

I was looking around the shop thinking about what's next on the motorcycle project list after the Honda. After seeing your Bultaco photo, that could be it. I really need to get some of this crap done.