Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Super timely race results

O.k. not exactly timely and I won't bother actually giving results. Suffice to say Rossi won. He happened to be leading when the race was red flagged due to the shit weather. Friday it was warm and rained steady all day. We were dressed for it so it didn't suck. Saturday the weather was perfect and we got to see some very fast motorcycles doing what they do best. Really, the only saving grace of the weekend was the awesome weather on Saturday. Sunday, race day -due to a poorly scheduled hurricane two races were red-flagged and one was canceled. We did not get to see an entire race. Rossi and Hayden we really battling in the rain however and it was very cool to see them duelling in the wet. I heard Hayden's tires were gone after a lap or two and could not catch Rossi as a result. Anyway, the event was very well run by IMS and of course they had all thier ducks in neat little rows. There were also lots of Duc's in rows, holy shit were there alot of Ducati's there. The place was lousy with Ducati's. Serindipitously, we got to be right at the front of the line for an autograph signing with Paul Smart, Cook Neilson, Phil Schilling, Larry Pegram, and Paul Tracy. Big luck out on that one.
Here's a little info on the race if you have been waiting patiently in a cave for me to give you this info.

I'll take one of those please....

Bitchin' Rossi Replica at the Yamaha tent

This is Indiana so you are required to eat the occasional giant pork tenderloin or they pull your Hoosier card.

Montesa King Scorpion just like the one I used to have but way nicer.

These guys were checking out the fashion show at Ducati "Island"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Indiana's Finest

The Missus

Gratuitous Pagoda shot

MV that gets RIDDEN

Your Race Winner and World Champion yet again

Hayden, Rossi

There you have it folks. Old news. We did have a great time despite the weather and I've secured our tickets for next year. Rock on.

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