Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Countdown to Influenza

Happy Thanksgiving you jive turkey.

It's a good thing this is text. I have lost my voice again. Aw hell, it's around here somewhere. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. No fighting with the relatives, watch the Lions get there asses kicked (sorry Gymi) and eat like you've got two butt-holes.

I took the SV out last weekend for the final hurrah of the season. It was just above freezing and while the roads were dry the fields were all covered with snow. I only went for a 5-10 min ride but my Fieldsheer pants and jacket did a bang up job of keeping me warm. With the exception of the bulk, I've been nothing but happy with that stuff. So the bike is not quite winterized yet but by Monday I should have it sorted. Hopefully all of you in the warmer climes have the opportunity to do some holiday riding.

Rock on and stay away from the clams.

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Gymi said...

That's ok Surly, I'm a Redskins fan. Really have not watched a Lions game since Barry Sanders retired. Too bad the whole country has to see them on thanksgiving talk about indigestion. Had a great Thanksgiving, hope your and Yours did as well.