Thursday, November 26, 2009

The flim is hokey dokey

Lomo Smena
($5 flea market find)

I got interested in photography right on the cusp of the big digital "revolution". I think revolution is a bit much but I'm at a loss for a better word. You could still pick up nice film SLR's all day long for a song as long as it wasn't a Nikon. In fact, there were dozens of cameras to be had at flea markets and eBay. I went nuts. I had lots of spare cash and I could get a box of cameras for twenty bucks. Some of these were actually pretty cool pieces. I was surprised at the amount of folks that figured film was no longer available for old cameras. For the record, you can still get film for almost everything; 127 and the huge roll films not withstanding. I learned black and white darkroom technique, built a darkroom. I bought a complete darkroom setup from a pro who was switching to digital. I found a mentor who was kind enough to teach me an immense amount about photography. Thanks Steve. I could actually print, too.
Ducati 160 Monza Jr.

Now, I do not have a darkroom. I have a pile of darkroom equipment in the garage taking up space until I can build one. If I am to start shooting I really need to be able to at least digitize my images. I certainly don't have the cash for a DSLR right now but I do have a film camera or two at my disposal. The trick is going to be turning that film into pixels. I'm looking for a lab that can scan my negs with a little higher quality than Walgreens. I'm learning digital darkroom techniques and trying to work within the limits of the digital cameras I have at my disposal. I've got a long way to go. Like anything else, there is a big learning curve and lots of work to do. So for now, I'm doing what I can with what I have and hopefully I can sell a few images and upgrade the gear.
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