Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Them Changes

Well, my mind's been goin' through them changes. While I don't exactly feel like commitin' a crime, I do pretty much fall in line with what Buddy was getting at. Actually it's not so much my mind either. I'm ramping up the photography thing and while I'm not making any promises I may be shifting things around here in the near future. I changed the blogrolls a bit already. All the nice folks that I've dealt with and traded links with are still there. I pushed em down a bit and I removed some of the obscure stuff that never really related to anything here anyhow. There will still be motorcycling content if I'm blogging at all so don't worry about that. You may see some ads as I plan on selling out due to the fact that my kids like to eat almost every day. This is a capitalist society after all. Just a bit of refocusing of the blog and the Surly one in general. Rock on people.

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