Monday, November 23, 2009

Still Life with ...

The title of this weblog is in reference to a specific photograph by the Kentucky photographer Ralph Eugene Meatyard. That is not the actual title of the photo and Ritchie is actually spelled different. I'm not sure I ever actually explained that. I meant this as an Homage to Meatyard and Richie. You can do a Google search and read everything I know about these two gentlemen so there's no need to expound on that but suffice to say, Meatyard was the photographer and Richie was the one armed man in the photo in question. Meatyard's photos are probably my favorite of all well known photographers and I've always wished I had someone not unlike Mr. Richie that had similar interests as me that I could also use in my photos. I certainly did not know either of these men (Meatyard died the year I was born), but like someone admires a famous movie actor or musician I feel like I could have. Meatyard's work is not for everyone but I have always been drawn to it.

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