Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are you sure? Maybe it snot?

I'm sick again. Yay. Some type of crappy head cold. I hate when I'm sitting on the couch with an ilness knowing I could be doing something productive. At least I can do the odd blog post. Not much happening in the photo arena. I've been reading alot of photo books but of course reading does not produce photos. I need to commit to some sort of take photos every day type of scenario. I don't know if I'll go all Winogrand on your asses and shoot 10 rolls of Tri-X every day of my life but I need to commit to shoot more if I want to actually call myself a photographer. Moving on, I found some cool links to share and I have a line on a CB400 that I could get for almost nothing. Been looking for that for a while. Not that I need another project but if it's rotting in my garage it's mine.
I'd love to build some little Mike Hailwood type boy racer out of one of those.
So, if you have the time check out Kyle takes some nice photos and hates digital.
Check out GoodLuckPhoto pictures of motorcycles, what could be better?
And last but not least A Time to Get not really anything specific but I haven't found anything there that did not interest me.

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