Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Becoming a Strobist

May the watt-seconds be with you
I am planning on going to the DeMotte Boxing Club and doing some shots so I did a few tests with one of my reluctant models. At least he was reluctant until I suggested we use the Light Saber. The red light gives a nice effect but not really what I was looking for regarding boxing. Eventually, I got what I wanted but after the little guy went to bed and the shots that had the good lighting were out of focus. Running back and forth doing a self portrait I wasn't too concerned with sharpness. At any rate, I did achieve the look I wanted and I got a nice pic of the boy out of the deal.

I was hanging with the boys on the weekend and I got lucky with this one.

The Boy...menacing the camera. A little hot on the left but not a bad shot.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Couple of nice shots of the boy.

Fight night at the gym is the nineteenth or come down any time it's convenient - you can have the run of the place.

domestikdeva said...

Nice photo's sonny, very nice. Mom is quite impressed.