Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I think it's getting there...Whadaya think?

I'm starting to get the blog to look like I want it. Hit the jump...
There's really no need for the jump break on this post I'm just playing with the new toy. Like I said, the look is there for the blog; I just need to work on some other stuff.  Here's what else I've done:

I added a feed burner so if you have a myYahoo or iGoogle type home page you can get me right there.
I killed the Johnny Cash Memorial Tabernacle blog. It was just one page but it's gone for good.
There is a contact page with an email to contact me. If you have known me for awhile and don't recognize this email, don't worry I still have the other one. This one is one I've had for years but don't really use. Now I have a reason to use it.
I also have an about me page. Not much there yet.
Home page - well, that's pretty self explanatory.
I got rid of some of my links for motorcycle sites. I may kill some others but I definitely will add some new ones.
If anyone happened to check in earlier today and saw the work in progress (Thanks, Gymi) I had to get rid of the busy backgrounds. I had some Tolex looking fake leather (think old camera covering) and a nice black and grey argyle. It seemed too distracting so I went with basic black. I'm liking the photo in the header but it's tough to get the balance just right. I want to see the pic but not take away from the title. I'm no web designer just playing with some of the cool tools that Blogger's been adding. That's all for now. Sorry, the only pic you get today is the one of the TLR's up top. Rock on.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

Looking good there, Sonny. You always did have a good eye. Now go take some of those pictures you've been talking about.

red said...

I like the new look and all your photography. Good stuff!

Surly said...