Thursday, March 25, 2010

R.I.P. Jim Marshall

Jim Marshall died yesterday.

Unless your a jazz fan you may not know this picture above. That's Miles Davis at a workout in a boxing gym. Jim was the rock and roll photographer. There is a real nice tribute to him over at Joe McNally's blog that I could never have done better than. Check it out. Jim's work can be seen over here. Rest in peace Jim.

When I was a kid I was "responsible" for mowing the lawn. My Dad had a cassette of this album. I used to listen to it on my Walkman to keep my mind off how much I hated mowing the lawn. Now I have an MP3 Walkman and I still listen to Live at Fillmore East when I mow the lawn. I still hate mowing the lawn.
There is a cool story about how Jim got this picture.
From Wikipedia:
"Normally the band hated being photographed; the cover of The Fillmore Concerts shows them displaying terminal boredom. However, during the session, Duane spotted a dealer friend, raced over and grabbed a bag of contraband, then returned to his seat, discreetly clutching the stash in his lap. This cracked up all the members, resulting in a memorable image. The back cover shows their road crew gathered in the same spot with 16 oz. cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer provided by the photographer as a reward to the roadies for lugging out and stacking the band's heavy equipment for the photo shoot. Their expressions clarify their thoughts about the brand."
Rock and Roll.

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Grumpyunk said...

The "Live at the Fillmore East" is on my list of 10 records to have if stranded on a desert Isle.

Damn, it's one of the few that have made me buy it on 8 track, LP, cassette and CD.

Funny story you can ask Mitch about.

Ask him about the hot chick, Delphene we tried to get as a singer for our band who ran off with Greg Allman.
No. I wasn't upset about it. She couldn't sing fer shit.
She was an absolute knockout though.