Monday, March 29, 2010

Saturday Morning Workout

I took a trip down to the DeMotte Boxing Club Sat. to work on my boxing photo skills.

 I am fortunate to be able to run around and take some photos at will in the gym. I'm using a manual focus lens on my DSLR which makes it a bit tricky to move around and get photos of these guys in action. Currently, I'm just rocking the kit lens on my Nikon until I can afford some new glass. The lens I have is not fast enough for the low light in the gym. I can see needing a special skill set for each type of photography one might be doing. I took several hundred pictures and here's the good one. I'm just kidding, this one's not all that good. Seriously, like anything worth doing it's going to take some effort to get better. That's why I was there.
For actual sanctioned fights, using flash while the boxers are in the ring is a no-no. I have carte blanche at the gym, but why learn to use flash on the apron and not have the skills to do it using available light? I may have the opportunity to go to the Golden Gloves and take some shots. I'll see. I will be posting some more fight pics as I figure out the legalities of what I can put on the web. The guys (and gals) at the gym came there to train not be models for my personal use. I must respect that. I may also be making some available for sale in the not too distant future. Don't worry, I've got some ideas for motorcycle pics real soon as well.
On the equipment front, I've made a few little things for streamlining my lighting setups and I need to get a few more odds and ends. I bought a couple of new memory cards due to the fact that the last time I shot at the gym, I almost ran out of room before the fights were over! I got two new high-capacity cards and found out my ancient computer's card doesn't like high capacity cards. See all the cool things I am learning about photography. It's all about solving problems, I guess. Seems some problems are just a bit more fun to work out. Keep coming back, I'll do my best to keep up with new posts. Rock on.


Grumpyunk said...

Things look different. Shiny!
It's nice. You've got a good eye.

I recognize that old dude in that picture. He looks a lot that guy who lives in my bathroom mirror. All gray in the beard and such. But smarter.

Surly said...

Thanks! I'm trying to clean the place up and make it something.

leroy99 said...

Thems some bad lookin dudes in that photo!!