Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I'm coming down from some anesthesia so if I promise to pick anyone up from the airport or loan you some cash don't believe it. I went down to the boxing club for some test shooting last week and I got a head start on my lighting set up. I did two arrangements with the lights and I'm pretty happy with this one. All my gear worked with one minor snag so that was a success also. The pugilist in the photo above is one of the coaches at the gym who was kind enough to model for me as I was setting up. He is also a craftsman, and my father. Thanks Chief. That's all for today. I'd love to wax poetic about this but I have to make dinner. I mean, it was outpatient surgery why should I not have to work? Rock on.


Grumpyunk said...

Great photo of the Chief. Really got a piece of him in that one that you can see in his eyes.

Surly said...

Thanks so much. I need to get back and get shots of all the fighters now.